Do the System Shuffle

I was really excited when I found this cut-n-paste activity from The Dork Side that had students organizing information about human body systems according to their role in the body and their key organs.

But I had also recently downloaded Danielle Knight’s Google Drive Toolkit, which has fantastic suggestions and templates to create digital versions of activities that would typically found in an interactive science notebook (ISN).

I have a classroom cart of Chromebooks.  I use Google Classroom regularly.  And my administrator has been on me about paper usage.  Plus, it seems even some 11th and 12th graders have not yet mastered using scissors and gluesticks (or they want to complain about how it’s “doing too much”).

Putting that all together, I created a digital version of The Dork Side’s System Shuffle.  I intend to distribute a copy to each student via Google Classroom.  When they open the file, there is a “stack” of “digital cards” they need to sort into the table below:

Slide1System Shuffle Human Body Systems Digital Notebook Activity

You can download the activity for free here at my TpT store.  I think this will make a good pre or post formative assessment to determine if students comprehend the structures and functions of each system.

The one downfall (so far?) is that the students can’t see all of the cards at once when they begin, so I think that might be frustrating for some.  However, I didn’t want to make the activity any bigger because my students will be working on Chromebooks with smaller screens, so it’s important to have as much visible as possible.