Jelly Belly Classification

Any time you can combine candy and science, you know it’ll be a hit with students.

One of the great things about being an NSTA Fellow is having access to LOTS of good ideas.  I received this activity through that.

In this activity, students classify Jelly Belly jelly beans using a dichotomous key.  You can get a 4 pound container or 80 small bags of Jelly Bellies on Amazon for about $20.

Students obtain Jelly Bellies and attempt to identify them by color using this: JellyBelly Dichotomous Key

They record their findings here: JellyBelly Lab

They then test their findings by cutting each Jelly Belly in half and eating one half.  If the flavor matches the one they determined via the key, they eat the other half.  If it does not, they go back and determine if they made an mistakes or it they have discovered a new species!

A great activity to practice logical thinking and using dichotomous keys!


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