FroGuts Pea & Fly Lab Online Interactive

This is the first year my school has subscribed to FroGuts.  FroGuts provides online dissection interactives which are quite detailed.  Our hope was to save money by not having to buy preserved specimens, but also that students would gain a greater understanding of the structures they were supposed to observe.  If you’ve ever tried to dissect a preserved starfish, you know it can be difficult to differentiate between the guts inside!

However, FroGuts also has a series of labs introducing genetics using pea plants and common fruit flies.  Students are guided through the lab with both text and sound, perform an experiment, and finish with a quiz.  There are 4 parts: #1 Dominance, #2 Segregation, #3 Independent Assortment, and #4 Drosphilia Fly Lab.

Below is a screen shot of the pea plant experiment in the #1 Principle of Dominance lab:

p1crossStudents are guided in #3 Independent Assortment through a dihybrid cross:

dihybridThe #4 Drosphilia Lab is very challenging, so I would recommend going through it as a class unless you have advanced students.  This lab focuses on sex-linked traits.

flywingPros: Interactive, written and read-aloud instructions, less time & materials than actually doing the lab, concepts are well presented

Cons: Robot reading voice, only 1 lab has a write-up associated with it, students will try to skip through things using the “forward” button, students also had difficulty with the “pause” button

Since only Lab #4 had a write-up, I created worksheets to accompany #1-3 that I’d like to share:

FroGuts Pea Plants Dominance

FroGuts Pea Plants Segregation

FroGuts Pea Plants Independent Assortment

Please note that the quizzes at the end of each lab present the questions randomly each time, so students will not be able to fill out the quiz answers in order.  I hope you find these worksheets useful.

Not sure whether we’ll keep FroGuts for next year.  That’ll depend on how the Starfish, Squid, Cow Eye, Frog, Owl Pellet, and Fetal Pig labs turn out.