Actionbioscience, maintained by the American Institute of Biological Sciences, features articles and links on “what’s hot” in the field of biology.  There are sections on a variety of topics, but the ones featured on the main site are very buzzworthy: biodiversity, environment, genomics, biotechnology, evolution, and science policy.  Students, teachers, and the general public would benefit from reading the articles found on the site.

Below is a screen shot of the article “Looking for Life on Mars and Beyond”

actionbiosciI really like how the articles on this site have the main text in black with a summary of each paragraph in blue.  This would be very helpful for students who struggle with reading comprehension or looking at the “big idea” from an article.  I will have to find some articles that align with what I am teaching and use them as reading assignments in future lessons.  There is also an educator resources section of the site that offers lesson plans.


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