Physical Science by Inquiry for Inservice Teachers K-12

The Physical Science by Inquiry for Inservice Teachers K-12 program by the University of Cincinnati offers a lot of great things:

  • A High Quality Activity-Based Inquiry Program in Physical Science
  • Free Tuition and No Fees for Graduate Courses
  • A Large Amount of Graduate Course Credit in Physics
  • A Cash Stipend
  • Free Equipment
  • No Previous Background in Physics is Required
  • Aid in adopting the new Ohio Science Academic Content Standards

Here’s the official blurb:

This workshop has been specifically designed for inservice science teachers in grades 5-12. No previous background in physics is necessary. The participants will work together in cooperative learning groups to perform hands-on science inquiry activities. The workshop will emphasize learning science content using inquiry activities and be a model for inquiry-based science instruction. Each teacher who participates in the workshop will write inquiry science lessons, which will be shared with all of the other participants. The primary goal of the workshop is to increase student proficiency in science by initiating systemic changes in science instruction. The program uses modules developed by the Physics Education Group at the University of Washington, based on extensive research in physics education. This workshop was developed by Dr. Endorf as a four-week workshop using principles and materials which have been demonstrated to improve student performance in science.The program follows the National Science Education Standards for professional development and will aid teachers in adopting the new Ohio Science Academic Content Standards.

2013 registration isn’t up yet, so check back for that.


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