National Geographic’s National Teacher Leadership Academy

National Geographic’s National Teacher Leadership Academy looks awesome!  Here’s the official description:

The National Teacher Leadership Academy (NTLA) provides intensive, high-quality professional development for practicing teachers who are selected for their potential to become state and national-level leaders for the transformation of geographic education. This two-year program enables teachers to develop their own teaching skills, become members of a tight-knit professional community, and prepares them to deliver professional development and serve as mentors to other teachers in their home communities.

In the NTLA model, teachers attend one-week, residential institutes in two successive summers, with ongoing participation in online professional communities during the academic years. During the first academic year, teachers practice and reflect upon what they have learned. In the second summer, teachers return for a program focusing on teacher leadership. In this institute, they learn and practice the facilitation of professional development, mentoring, and coaching, in the context of the content and pedagogy that was the focus of their first year. During year two and beyond, they utilize these teacher leadership skills by providing professional development in their own schools, districts, or states through conferences, workshops, and ongoing communities of practice.


While the description implies geography, one of the academies sounds great for biology teachers: Marine Ecology, Human Impacts, & Conservation.

The next NTLA will take place in 2013, but still no information yet about how to apply so I’ll have to check back later.


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