Newton’s Laws #1: Teaching with Cats

Newton’s first law teaches us that an object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.  So how is a cat able to change its motion in mid-air so that it always lands on its feet?  This awesome video explains:

I like to follow up that video with this one because, well, awwwwwwwwwwww


Rediscovering Biology: Enrichment for the Biology Teacher has created a professional development course for high school biology students:

This website and online textbook provide information on advanced topics in biology.  While not necessarily applicable to basic biology, it provide high school biology teachers with supplemental material for advanced learners.  Plus, it includes many current research studies.

Professional Development: NSTA New Teacher Academy

ImageIf you are a science teacher entering your 2nd or 3rd year of teaching, apply to become a fellow in the National Science Teacher Association’s New Science Teacher Academy (NSTA2).

I was very lucky to be selected as a fellow for the 2012-2013 school, and so far my experience has been very positive.  I have a great mentor and cohort of fellows from similar schools as my own.  I am super excited to be able to attend the National Conference in San Antonio, TX in April.

Here are the benefits I’ve received:

  • Comprehensive NSTA membership and its benefits;
  • An opportunity to participate in a variety of web-based professional development activities, including web seminars
  • Unlimited use of resources including vetted web links for lesson plans, links to state and national standards, professional organizations, safety tips and more;
  • An opportunity to participate in New Teacher Center e-Mentoring for Student Success (eMSS) developed by NSTA, the New Teacher Center, and Montana State University that includes:
    • e-Mentoring with an experienced teacher in the same science discipline and grade level;
    • Facilitated online curriculum that focuses on science content and applicable classroom pedagogy;
    • Access to a nationwide, online network of science educators and scientists that facilitate the exchange of information, ideas, and resources;
  • Accommodations, coverage of airfare, food, and registration fees to attend the NSTA national conference;
  • An opportunity to participate in specialized conference pathways and to participate in a Research Dissemination Conference or a Professional Development Institute.