Life Has a History Exploration

The Life Has a History website is an excellent introduction to the principles of evolution.  It has a very nice teacher’s guide with focus questions designed for grades 5-12.  However, my students require a bit specific and guided questions, so I created my own Life has a history worksheet to accompany the site that I hope will be useful to others.


Using Screencast-o-matic for an effective sub lesson plan

Earlier this week, I was able to go on a study trip with a group of students from my school.  However, one of my Physics classes hadn’t gotten through the Free Fall notes that the other class had.  Rather than put them on hold and have them get even further behind, I used Screencast-O-Matic and my Wacom Bamboo tablet to create a video for my students to watch while I was gone.

I felt like this was a great use of technology because 1) my students stayed on track even when I wasn’t there and 2) they could go back and watch it again.  The only drawback to this method is that there is no student-teacher interaction and the question-answer dynamic of the classroom is lost.  However, I would do this again for a sub lesson plan or a “Blizzard Bag” lesson.